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Oct 20, 2012 11:35pm PDT
ann notarangelo. in developing news out of san francisco tonight, hazmat crews have evacuated a block in the north beach area of san francisco tonight on powell street between green and vallejo streets. police responded to a call of an apparent suicide about three hours ago. emergency responders smelled chemicals when they got to the scene. 15 people inside the building have been evacuated. firefighters are now inside the building, trying to disburse the chemical to make it safe for people to return. >>> stargazers awed by this week's meteor sightings will get another chance. in the hours before dawn, tomorrow will be the best time to see the orionid meteor shower. the cosmic phenomena occurs as the earth moves through debris left by halley's comet. >> it's not related. it's as if you were having a big dinner party, and this strange, non-family member showed up just before things got underway. >> the best time to see it will be after midnight and before dawn. >>> just a reminder to all drivers. the san mateo bridge is closed this weekend for repairs and earthquake retrofitting. you're
Oct 27, 2012 11:35pm PDT
to the northwest of san francisco. it does encompass point arena and fort bragg. the advisory basically means monitor the conditions, stay out of the water. there could be some very large waves. there could also be some very large currents. this again is a developing situation, so we'll keep a watchful eye on that. >>> meanwhile, on the other side of the country, we have hurricane sandy, encompassing a whole lot of real estate. it's end, 450 miles. that's how far it extends. anticipated landfall is about this time tomorrow night or early monday morning. it's actual point of landfall is still not known, but it should be anywhere from maryland to new england. the bottom line, what we do know, up to a foot of rain is expected. this has such gusty winds associated with it, we will certainly see downed power lines and outages, this just a week before the presidential election. and there will be a lot of beach erosion as all of this coincides with the full moon and higher tide. now, back home, clear skies in san jose. today's high was 76 degrees. currently it is 60 there. highs across the bay area
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2